I can help you with:

  • visual branding
    • logo design
    • social media channel artwork
    • business card design
    • a branded style guide
  • email design
    • email template
    • email signature
  • website design & development
    • helping you figure out which platform suits your needs.
    • WordPress, Squarespace, Kajabi, Shopify?
    • Or maybe you just need a speedy HTML site that’s responsive.
  • website styling help
    • maybe you don’t want to invest in a full redesign, but you would like to spruce your site up a bit…
    • I can help review your site and suggest some minor adjustments to help it look nicer, have more breathing room, add a few finishing touches to clean it up without doing a full overhaul
    • Maybe you have a WordPress site with a page builder installed, like Visual Composer, and you’re struggling to get it to look the way you want
  • helping you set up your
    • marketing software and autoresponders
    • online courses
  • real-time tutorials
    • how to use WordPress
    • how to use your marketing software
  • event graphics
    • welcome signs
    • shop/merch signage
    • stage backdrop graphics
  • workbook/eBook design
    • helping you make your free opt-in gift look it’s best
    • polishing up your course materials
  • presentation design
    • powerpoint templates
    • keynote templates
    • do you have a presentation for an event that needs visuals or embedded video clips?
  • video and audio editing
    • sync recorded audio with your presentation
    • design add your logo or promo/call-to-action graphic to the front and end of your videos
  • making your site mobile-responsive
    • update old, outdated websites to get them working well on phones and all device sizes
  • and more!

I love the variety my work provides, learning new things and working with clients who are doing their part to lift the energy of the world in their unique way.

Let’s collaborate and pour our energy and enthusiasm into your goods!

What type of creative help do you need for your business?

If you’d like to reach out for information about my design services, I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Thanks for stopping by!

—> Crispin

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